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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

magic #9

So now that I am back on the market these days, a good friend advised me that I must kiss or date 9 guys before I have "old guy" out of my system. So far I am at 4 and all is well.
Except for the hickeys from last night. Apparently late 20's guys need lessons in kissing and anatomy, 30 year old guys on the other hand do not need a road map.

Last night I met MBA guy for for drinks. We met a few days prior at a school event that I tagged along too. All was going well with the night, nice drinks at black bottle, then drinks at rob roy and then I SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME. Instead I went to his apartment and my neck was assaulted. Hickeys are trashy, pretty sure everyone I know would agree. So this morning after lots of cover-up application I became "the girl that wears scarves in the summer." More on this later  . . . Apparently I don't know first date expectations and/or missed that BJ's are expected . . . sad for MBA guy he was left hanging.

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