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Sunday, July 10, 2011

naughty nurse plays doctor

The past 6 weeks have been wonderful! Spending time with the new man is like no other relationship I have ever had . . . .  sometimes things just fit.  I always thought people were full of bull when they said you just know . . . what do you mean, you just know! Now I get it . . .I have never dated someone that I felt was also my friend or that I could say anything too.  Some of this is chemistry and some of it might be because we saw a comedian on our first date who joked about the "lady cock".   Once that term is out there most everything else is too:)
On friday I am headed to his neck of the woods for the weekend.  The drive doesn't bother me but meeting the kids  . . . no thank you I'll pass on that . . .no newmommy here.  :) funniest part of all of this is they are closer in age to me than him:)
 All I can picture is them tearing me apart or shooting daggers at me. This weekend will be the first time his past life will be in my face. I have spent many weeks now blissfully unaware of his former life, all the time knowing it was there but not really concerning me.  Friday it will all become real . . . and hopefully this will make us closer.
I have found that it is a fine line dating a man with a past.  At first I did't want to know anything but now that I am falling harder everyday I feel I need to know more. The question is how much is too much? I had to stop him in conversation this weekend because I was getting too much info and thinking the ex is crazy. I think that is the limit of what I need to know.

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