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Sunday, June 19, 2011


This weekend I had my 3rd MEGA date with the doctor and had an early birthday celebration with him. I'm sure I can find him a better nickname:) All of our dates have been marathons of hikes, dinner and shows or in this weekend case a trip to the solstice festival. Unfortunately we missed the naked bike parade but had a great day!

So dating an older man on my birthday this year has led to a few changes. First I'm pretty sure I won't be sneaking behind a bar to or the bushes because I drank too much this year on my birthday. The past few years I have spent my big day with some great friends and probably spent the next day not feeling so great but had lots of great stories to laugh at :) This year included a few glasses of wine and a wonderful date.  Not quite sure how I feel about the new adult me but so far it is fun so I'm going with it!

The doctor is a funny man most of the time and has some interesting habits that remind me of the mother in St.Elmo's fire who whispers bad words.  Multiple times over the weekend he whispered words that he did not think he could say . . . and they were not all swear words. It was pretty funny and cute.  He is pretty much my kind of guy so far . . . picking out 3 birthday cards because he liked them all and saying things like "I picked this one because you make my heart sing." Ok so  maybe a bit cheesy but hey he didn't poop in my apartment so I think he is a keeper so far :-)

I have dated my fair share of guys and not many of them have held my interest for very long or worse I haven't held their attention.  This  one so far is keeping me entertained and interested although I'm a little nervous about the though of a trip to his house on the other side of the mountains.

Now the new question is when I go to visit him I may have to meet the kiddos who are out of high school so not really kids . Makes me a little nervous, so we shall see how the july 4th weekend plays out.  I was hoping I could say "hey maybe I meet them another time!" Not sure that would go over very well.

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