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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And away we go...

This week my mom comes to town and so does my new "special" friend from the other side of the mountains:-) Now individually I am really excited to see them both but the question is do I introduce them. East mountain man and I discussed it tonight and still not sure what to do . . . he confuses me sometimes saying the distance is good right now . . its a 2 1/2 hour drive to see each other . . . .but yet asked if I want to go away for a weekend this summer with him to SF . . . he also commented that he is only a year and a half out of a long relationship so taking things slow at this point would be good.  Hmmm so to introduce to my mother or not is the question? He clearly does not realize that my mom already knows about him and that I am really into him or else he would not have suggested I introduce him as a friend . . . . really I think he may have a few things to learn:) So still undecided on one hand my mom is pretty chill and could sit and chat to just about anyone  . . .  on the other hand I'm not sure if we are there yet . . . .although if I decide to travel over the river and through the mountains to him then I would have to meet his kids . . .as a "special" friend 
1. because they are not children and 2. because they are not stupid. Decision, decision . . .  it would be a much easier decision if I had started to be so into him after this weekend. . . . 
So after all this talk tonight I'm trying to decide when to ask him to be my date to a wedding in September in hawaii .  . . . I'm figuring I have until the invitation arrives . . . which will be in a few weeks.  . . . . This dating an older man is amazing but not as easy as the poopers:-)  NN

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