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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So my wonderful date from a few weeks ago "the Prince" is unfortunately in the hospital for a few days or weeks.  Unfortunately for me and him we discussed his ongoing bowel issues . . .So the dating gods or Match decided to toy with me. My date this weekend was interesting to say the least. He is probably the smartest guy I have ever dated . . .PhD and all and from what I gather was so super duper smart that he left high school early . . .I figured out pretty early on in the date that if we were to continue dating he would bring the brains and me the beauty . . . which I guess is how it is supposed to be.  It may have been the multiple times he used words I didn't know such as ludite. Pretty interesting in all . . .Have a date lined up for later this week with another PhD . . . at least no one pooped their pants on this date . . . that seems to be a first over the past few weeks:)

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  1. I love nerds!!! How the hell did you two get on the subject of Luddite. Isn't a Luddite someone who is against new technology?