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Monday, May 30, 2011

How old is too old?

Last night I had an amazing date with a great man! I think if they are over 40 calling them a guy probably isn't ok:) He is a little too close to that half century mark than I care to think about... We met a few months ago at a conference and I really on though of it as friends when he asked me to go out. As the date approached I realized very slowly that he was thinking more than friends.... mostly because he drove 3 hours to come spend the day with me.  We went for a hike around lake washington, dinner and to see a comedy show. The conversation was exactly what I have been looking for... someone clinical that can laugh at the ridiculous things that sometimes come are way..... sometimes the stories are just not that funny to people outside the field. I grew up with these types of conversations and have really missed them since moving out west. SO the big questions is how old is too old he is divorced and already has two kids

He is a huge step up from the last date on went on, he had a tattoo on his face! Prior to tattoo boy was a very confused pilot:) things seem to be looking up:-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So my wonderful date from a few weeks ago "the Prince" is unfortunately in the hospital for a few days or weeks.  Unfortunately for me and him we discussed his ongoing bowel issues . . .So the dating gods or Match decided to toy with me. My date this weekend was interesting to say the least. He is probably the smartest guy I have ever dated . . .PhD and all and from what I gather was so super duper smart that he left high school early . . .I figured out pretty early on in the date that if we were to continue dating he would bring the brains and me the beauty . . . which I guess is how it is supposed to be.  It may have been the multiple times he used words I didn't know such as ludite. Pretty interesting in all . . .Have a date lined up for later this week with another PhD . . . at least no one pooped their pants on this date . . . that seems to be a first over the past few weeks:)