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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Now This is How to Date

Tonight I had a bacheloresque date . . this guy knows how to plan . . . I wonder if there is a secret handbook if not he should write one!
Now normally I am a bit more reserved and don't allow dates to pick me up for the first date but we have a mutual friend / former coworker in common so I let him plan the date, keep it a surprise and pick me up. Mostly because I was pretty sure he was not going to be taking me to the woods and chopping me in to 1/4 inch cubes.  We both admitted to googling each other :-)

I will admit that I had a bit of a freak out about the restaurant and made him tell me about 30 minutes before picking me up.  (I did let him keep the second and third acts a surprise!) Mostly due to the wardrobe requests he made which included "its a nicer place so dress up" When I asked about a dress he replied " don't wear a prom dress" really not what I meant! I was also instructed to bring a costume change of slacker clothes for the second half of the date . . in my mind I was thinking " who is this guy? the new bachelor?"

Part of my concern was Seattle fancy and East Coast fancy are a little different so I wasn't really sure which way to go . . .Most of the time everyone looks like they just walked out of REI or are a hipster.

I did buy myself a hot little number and some sexy shoes:)  
So ....
1. He arrived with flowers and complemented the sexy heels and me:-)
2. Reservations for dinner at Palisades a beautiful Seattle restaurant on the water with a view of the city and mt Rainier and he requested a window table! -Great food and even better conversation - he told the waitress the special occasion of the night was getting to know each other.
3. After changing we headed to Issaquah and had Chinese hand and foot massages.
4. He arranged for take out dessert and we watched a movie at his house.
The only bummer was no good night kiss . . . but looking forward to date number 2. This guy know how to plan a date . . . coffee or beers is not going to cut it anymore! - NN
Here is the hot new dress - I'll admit I bought it 2 hours before the date. Excuse the bathroom background!

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