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Monday, March 21, 2011

Texan accountants are 86'd from the dating pool

I have now dated 2 Texans who are accountants so I am officially eliminating them from my dating pool. I'm pretty sure I will date a Texan again but not another accountant. I have dated three accountants and it just makes me think of the "When Harry Met Sally". . . "Sheldon does not give you great sex, Sheldon does your taxes." Yeah I'm my recent research shows that accountants may not have a lot of prowess in the bedroom whether they are named Sheldon or not.
The first one seemed really great  . . . except for the MOOBS and he was a little like sleeping next to Darth Vader.  The second I had a lovely dinner with recently, unfortunately he gave off a few cues that he was not that into "ladies."
1. we discussed ceramic bowls that he recently purchased . . . he bought 18 of them.
2. Not many men throw dinner parties

My date last night discussed none of these topics which was kind of a relief, I would rather not discuss kitchen appliances or place settings on a first date . . .not very sexy:)

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