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Thursday, March 31, 2011

poopy pants and other new rules

I have spent some time thinking lately of what exactly I am looking for to try and make better choices with my dates. Currently anyone who seems interesting for any number of reasons I have been giving a chance.  I no longer think that is the smartest decision. My list of what I am looking for is starting to get longer than 1. taller than me, and 2. makes me laugh.
My latest adventure occurred last night and I am a little baffled. It was my 3rd date with this very passionate guy and I learned 3 very important things about him.
1. He shoots blanks, apparently he had a vasectomy many years ago.  Possibly important if I saw a future with him yet he did not seem to think this was a very big deal.

2. Poopy pants. Apparently after a long night of drinking he did feel he could drive home so back to my home he came.  . . . . to sleep because lets be honest I try to behave most of the time.  This morning he must have felt so comfortable in my small studio that not only did he not close the bathroom door all the way, he proceeded to let out lots of gas and I am sure real material.  Followed by not turning on the fan or lighting a courtesy match after. Who does that?
3. The final straw was when he remarked that he doesn't use condoms because he was fixed anyway. Sorry the nurse in me had to give him a short lesson regarding STD's. Just to quote him "having sex with a condom is not sex it is really just wrestling." Really? Well you won't be "wrestling" with this lady.
Suffice to say that after today I'm pretty sure we are done.

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