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Saturday, March 5, 2011

NN rules of dating

After many dating misadventures I have compiled a list of rules . . . because really when your date passes out at the restaurant it is not as fun as it may sound.  So here goes . . .
1. If you are closer to 40 than 30 and live at home   . . . we are not going to date
2. If I have to talk to your mom while you clean your room for us to "watch a movie". .
its not looking good for a second date
3.  If you throw a "Welcome Home Doughboy" Party for your buddy when he gets out of jail . . for the 2nd time . .All 3 of these I learned from the same guy . . poor dude still lives at home now:(
4.  Moobs (man boobs)- they are not fun for anyone and should not be larger than mine
Final suggestion . . please don't call your mom while we are hanging out.  It may seem cute and endearing but its not.  It is just kind of lame.  -M

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