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Monday, March 14, 2011

I dig you like a . . . .

Now I am all for compliments and telling me how much you like me from dates but sometimes guys should just keep their mouths closed.  I started "hanging out" with a local guy the summer I turned 21, still not sure what the attraction was but I was into him.  I'm sure it was not the Jack Daniels label etched into the back window of his jeep or his living situation ( 4 guys in less than 500sq feet sharing a room) or the fact that he was chronically high.  I think it was just that he was into me at the time. So one night as we sit "watching a movie" --we all know how that goes:) He decides to tell me " I dig you like a shovel." I'm pretty sure I started laughing at him right at that moment, not maybe the nicest thing to do but really! Now over ten years later, we were both living in the same town, occasionally run into each other and all I think of is REALLY A SHOVEL! That is the best you could come up with:)

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