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Sunday, July 10, 2011

naughty nurse plays doctor

The past 6 weeks have been wonderful! Spending time with the new man is like no other relationship I have ever had . . . .  sometimes things just fit.  I always thought people were full of bull when they said you just know . . . what do you mean, you just know! Now I get it . . .I have never dated someone that I felt was also my friend or that I could say anything too.  Some of this is chemistry and some of it might be because we saw a comedian on our first date who joked about the "lady cock".   Once that term is out there most everything else is too:)
On friday I am headed to his neck of the woods for the weekend.  The drive doesn't bother me but meeting the kids  . . . no thank you I'll pass on that . . .no newmommy here.  :) funniest part of all of this is they are closer in age to me than him:)
 All I can picture is them tearing me apart or shooting daggers at me. This weekend will be the first time his past life will be in my face. I have spent many weeks now blissfully unaware of his former life, all the time knowing it was there but not really concerning me.  Friday it will all become real . . . and hopefully this will make us closer.
I have found that it is a fine line dating a man with a past.  At first I did't want to know anything but now that I am falling harder everyday I feel I need to know more. The question is how much is too much? I had to stop him in conversation this weekend because I was getting too much info and thinking the ex is crazy. I think that is the limit of what I need to know.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And away we go...

This week my mom comes to town and so does my new "special" friend from the other side of the mountains:-) Now individually I am really excited to see them both but the question is do I introduce them. East mountain man and I discussed it tonight and still not sure what to do . . . he confuses me sometimes saying the distance is good right now . . its a 2 1/2 hour drive to see each other . . . .but yet asked if I want to go away for a weekend this summer with him to SF . . . he also commented that he is only a year and a half out of a long relationship so taking things slow at this point would be good.  Hmmm so to introduce to my mother or not is the question? He clearly does not realize that my mom already knows about him and that I am really into him or else he would not have suggested I introduce him as a friend . . . . really I think he may have a few things to learn:) So still undecided on one hand my mom is pretty chill and could sit and chat to just about anyone  . . .  on the other hand I'm not sure if we are there yet . . . .although if I decide to travel over the river and through the mountains to him then I would have to meet his kids . . .as a "special" friend 
1. because they are not children and 2. because they are not stupid. Decision, decision . . .  it would be a much easier decision if I had started to be so into him after this weekend. . . . 
So after all this talk tonight I'm trying to decide when to ask him to be my date to a wedding in September in hawaii .  . . . I'm figuring I have until the invitation arrives . . . which will be in a few weeks.  . . . . This dating an older man is amazing but not as easy as the poopers:-)  NN

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This weekend I had my 3rd MEGA date with the doctor and had an early birthday celebration with him. I'm sure I can find him a better nickname:) All of our dates have been marathons of hikes, dinner and shows or in this weekend case a trip to the solstice festival. Unfortunately we missed the naked bike parade but had a great day!

So dating an older man on my birthday this year has led to a few changes. First I'm pretty sure I won't be sneaking behind a bar to or the bushes because I drank too much this year on my birthday. The past few years I have spent my big day with some great friends and probably spent the next day not feeling so great but had lots of great stories to laugh at :) This year included a few glasses of wine and a wonderful date.  Not quite sure how I feel about the new adult me but so far it is fun so I'm going with it!

The doctor is a funny man most of the time and has some interesting habits that remind me of the mother in St.Elmo's fire who whispers bad words.  Multiple times over the weekend he whispered words that he did not think he could say . . . and they were not all swear words. It was pretty funny and cute.  He is pretty much my kind of guy so far . . . picking out 3 birthday cards because he liked them all and saying things like "I picked this one because you make my heart sing." Ok so  maybe a bit cheesy but hey he didn't poop in my apartment so I think he is a keeper so far :-)

I have dated my fair share of guys and not many of them have held my interest for very long or worse I haven't held their attention.  This  one so far is keeping me entertained and interested although I'm a little nervous about the though of a trip to his house on the other side of the mountains.

Now the new question is when I go to visit him I may have to meet the kiddos who are out of high school so not really kids . Makes me a little nervous, so we shall see how the july 4th weekend plays out.  I was hoping I could say "hey maybe I meet them another time!" Not sure that would go over very well.

Monday, May 30, 2011

How old is too old?

Last night I had an amazing date with a great man! I think if they are over 40 calling them a guy probably isn't ok:) He is a little too close to that half century mark than I care to think about... We met a few months ago at a conference and I really on though of it as friends when he asked me to go out. As the date approached I realized very slowly that he was thinking more than friends.... mostly because he drove 3 hours to come spend the day with me.  We went for a hike around lake washington, dinner and to see a comedy show. The conversation was exactly what I have been looking for... someone clinical that can laugh at the ridiculous things that sometimes come are way..... sometimes the stories are just not that funny to people outside the field. I grew up with these types of conversations and have really missed them since moving out west. SO the big questions is how old is too old he is divorced and already has two kids

He is a huge step up from the last date on went on, he had a tattoo on his face! Prior to tattoo boy was a very confused pilot:) things seem to be looking up:-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So my wonderful date from a few weeks ago "the Prince" is unfortunately in the hospital for a few days or weeks.  Unfortunately for me and him we discussed his ongoing bowel issues . . .So the dating gods or Match decided to toy with me. My date this weekend was interesting to say the least. He is probably the smartest guy I have ever dated . . .PhD and all and from what I gather was so super duper smart that he left high school early . . .I figured out pretty early on in the date that if we were to continue dating he would bring the brains and me the beauty . . . which I guess is how it is supposed to be.  It may have been the multiple times he used words I didn't know such as ludite. Pretty interesting in all . . .Have a date lined up for later this week with another PhD . . . at least no one pooped their pants on this date . . . that seems to be a first over the past few weeks:)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Now This is How to Date

Tonight I had a bacheloresque date . . this guy knows how to plan . . . I wonder if there is a secret handbook if not he should write one!
Now normally I am a bit more reserved and don't allow dates to pick me up for the first date but we have a mutual friend / former coworker in common so I let him plan the date, keep it a surprise and pick me up. Mostly because I was pretty sure he was not going to be taking me to the woods and chopping me in to 1/4 inch cubes.  We both admitted to googling each other :-)

I will admit that I had a bit of a freak out about the restaurant and made him tell me about 30 minutes before picking me up.  (I did let him keep the second and third acts a surprise!) Mostly due to the wardrobe requests he made which included "its a nicer place so dress up" When I asked about a dress he replied " don't wear a prom dress" really not what I meant! I was also instructed to bring a costume change of slacker clothes for the second half of the date . . in my mind I was thinking " who is this guy? the new bachelor?"

Part of my concern was Seattle fancy and East Coast fancy are a little different so I wasn't really sure which way to go . . .Most of the time everyone looks like they just walked out of REI or are a hipster.

I did buy myself a hot little number and some sexy shoes:)  
So ....
1. He arrived with flowers and complemented the sexy heels and me:-)
2. Reservations for dinner at Palisades a beautiful Seattle restaurant on the water with a view of the city and mt Rainier and he requested a window table! -Great food and even better conversation - he told the waitress the special occasion of the night was getting to know each other.
3. After changing we headed to Issaquah and had Chinese hand and foot massages.
4. He arranged for take out dessert and we watched a movie at his house.
The only bummer was no good night kiss . . . but looking forward to date number 2. This guy know how to plan a date . . . coffee or beers is not going to cut it anymore! - NN
Here is the hot new dress - I'll admit I bought it 2 hours before the date. Excuse the bathroom background!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

90 day rule

So after much thought and bad dates I'm pondering a new strategy.  Gman is turning a bit sour and so is the whole idea of dating a daddy in my mind.  After reading many of the relationship books out there and speaking with a few guy friends this morning, I am deciding that the next date will not be seeing the inside of my apartment or the inside of my murphy bed for 90 days. I must be honest and say I'm not sure how this will sit with me when things get started but I figured I might as well give it a shot.  It should be interesting  but I guess if he is in to me he will wait and if not, he is not really worth it. Which is kind of what I have been figuring out lately . . . Alot of match guys are just trolling for a lay.  On the upside I'm meeting a nice guy this week as a set up from a good friend who wants to play matchmaker with me and I am game:)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dating a Daddy

So I have now been on dates with two men with kids. The first was poopy pants and the second was tonight and great so far! Poopy pants is not quite faded from the picture yet. He unfortunately thinks that my sudden lack of interest means I want him to chase me. Wrong! If I don't immediately text you back or agree to plans in the near future than probably I'm just not that into you.
Not quite sure how I feel about the children factor and even less sure when they have tweens on their hands. Tonight I am just calling Gman for lack of a better nickname so far . . .probably a good thing that he hasn't done anything to get a name for himself.  I don't think I have had this great of a first date in a while.  I'm looking forward to the next date.  - NN

Thursday, March 31, 2011

poopy pants and other new rules

I have spent some time thinking lately of what exactly I am looking for to try and make better choices with my dates. Currently anyone who seems interesting for any number of reasons I have been giving a chance.  I no longer think that is the smartest decision. My list of what I am looking for is starting to get longer than 1. taller than me, and 2. makes me laugh.
My latest adventure occurred last night and I am a little baffled. It was my 3rd date with this very passionate guy and I learned 3 very important things about him.
1. He shoots blanks, apparently he had a vasectomy many years ago.  Possibly important if I saw a future with him yet he did not seem to think this was a very big deal.

2. Poopy pants. Apparently after a long night of drinking he did feel he could drive home so back to my home he came.  . . . . to sleep because lets be honest I try to behave most of the time.  This morning he must have felt so comfortable in my small studio that not only did he not close the bathroom door all the way, he proceeded to let out lots of gas and I am sure real material.  Followed by not turning on the fan or lighting a courtesy match after. Who does that?
3. The final straw was when he remarked that he doesn't use condoms because he was fixed anyway. Sorry the nurse in me had to give him a short lesson regarding STD's. Just to quote him "having sex with a condom is not sex it is really just wrestling." Really? Well you won't be "wrestling" with this lady.
Suffice to say that after today I'm pretty sure we are done.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Texan accountants are 86'd from the dating pool

I have now dated 2 Texans who are accountants so I am officially eliminating them from my dating pool. I'm pretty sure I will date a Texan again but not another accountant. I have dated three accountants and it just makes me think of the "When Harry Met Sally". . . "Sheldon does not give you great sex, Sheldon does your taxes." Yeah I'm my recent research shows that accountants may not have a lot of prowess in the bedroom whether they are named Sheldon or not.
The first one seemed really great  . . . except for the MOOBS and he was a little like sleeping next to Darth Vader.  The second I had a lovely dinner with recently, unfortunately he gave off a few cues that he was not that into "ladies."
1. we discussed ceramic bowls that he recently purchased . . . he bought 18 of them.
2. Not many men throw dinner parties

My date last night discussed none of these topics which was kind of a relief, I would rather not discuss kitchen appliances or place settings on a first date . . .not very sexy:)

Monday, March 14, 2011

I dig you like a . . . .

Now I am all for compliments and telling me how much you like me from dates but sometimes guys should just keep their mouths closed.  I started "hanging out" with a local guy the summer I turned 21, still not sure what the attraction was but I was into him.  I'm sure it was not the Jack Daniels label etched into the back window of his jeep or his living situation ( 4 guys in less than 500sq feet sharing a room) or the fact that he was chronically high.  I think it was just that he was into me at the time. So one night as we sit "watching a movie" --we all know how that goes:) He decides to tell me " I dig you like a shovel." I'm pretty sure I started laughing at him right at that moment, not maybe the nicest thing to do but really! Now over ten years later, we were both living in the same town, occasionally run into each other and all I think of is REALLY A SHOVEL! That is the best you could come up with:)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Comic Con'd

Seattle is currently hosting a comic conference for all comic book lovers.  I had the pleasure of meeting some of the writers and artists last night.  I hear they are well known in the business, I'm sure there are some people who live in their parents' basements that would have been jealous of who I was with.  Fast forward through a night of hotel bars and bad karaoke with my favorite WA wing woman and we find ourselves with some married cling-on comic book writers.
Really guys! if you have a wedding band on, it is not going to trick me if you keep switching it from your left and right hand.
Lets just say this evening did not end well or early  . . . I'm still tired - M

NN rules of dating

After many dating misadventures I have compiled a list of rules . . . because really when your date passes out at the restaurant it is not as fun as it may sound.  So here goes . . .
1. If you are closer to 40 than 30 and live at home   . . . we are not going to date
2. If I have to talk to your mom while you clean your room for us to "watch a movie". .
its not looking good for a second date
3.  If you throw a "Welcome Home Doughboy" Party for your buddy when he gets out of jail . . for the 2nd time . .All 3 of these I learned from the same guy . . poor dude still lives at home now:(
4.  Moobs (man boobs)- they are not fun for anyone and should not be larger than mine
Final suggestion . . please don't call your mom while we are hanging out.  It may seem cute and endearing but its not.  It is just kind of lame.  -M